How do I sign up?
Simply click the “Register” button. Fill in your profile and upload a great picture of yourself. We will check out your profile and usually approve it within 24 to 72 hours.

What is a username?
A username is your alias on the site. Your username is what other members will see when they access your profile instead of your real name. Username should be in a Alpha-numeric form but at least 3 characters not exceeding 15 characters. Usernames must not have spaces or special characters such as (@–#%^&_*+). If your username is taken, try putting some numbers before or after the name (example: 123David or David123). Remember not to use your real name or anything that might identify who you are.

Who can contact members?
You must be a member of the site. Fill in a profile, upload a photo and once your application has been approved you can contact members. Contacting members is absolutely FREE. In fact, all services on the site have been free since the site launched 14 years ago.

Why can’t I contact a member?
Only members with approved status can contact and be contacted by others.

In order to prevent abuse, we check profiles before they are approved. That means that a user who has an approved profile and then changes it has to have their profile approved before they are allowed free access to other members.

If you were contacted by a member and try and respond and are unable to send them a message, it may be that the member is no longer part of the site or not interested. You can send a wink/flirt or a virtual gift. If you are contacted by someone an don’t want to hear from them, you have the option of blocking the user.

Why does it say…
We are using a commercial dating site package for Jewishsoulsearch.com that has been customized for FREE membership. There are still a few places that mention payment but they are not functional. The site has always been free.

How do I upload a photo?
Prepare a photo that is no larger than 600 pixels x 500 pixels or 500 KB. You can use Microsoft Photo Editor, Photoshop or any other image software to create a smaller jpeg. Put it on your desktop. Log in to your account. In the submenu choose “Edit profile”. On the bottom of the page, you will see a button to browse your computer to the image you want to upload. Click  “update” to update your profile with your photo.

Using the Personal Menu

After logging in to the website, the personal menu is found by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  • HELP

Basic Search

You will probably want to start searching, so click start by following these steps:

  1. From the personal menu, click DASHBOARD.
    The dashboard menu bar appears.
  2. Click Search.
    The supplemental menu appears.
  3. Fill in the different fields, then click Submit.
    The results are displayed in the screen below the Basic Search menu. Click on member to learn more.


Sending a Message

After you have found a person you would like to contact, you might want to send them a message.

To send a message:

  1. On the advanced menu, click the envelope icon (Send Message).
    The Send Message screen appears.
  2. Fill in the Subject and your message, then click Send Message.
    The message is sent to the person you selected.





Using the Advanced Menu

  • Add Friends click and ask to be friends: Your Friend Request was sent successfully. After your request is accepted, you can view your added friends in your Friends list.
  • Add to favorites – click to add to favorites — Profile added as Favorites!
  • Send message
  • Send wink/flirt
  • Send a gift


I am in love and want to cancel my membership
You started dating someone and are deeply in love. You realize this is it and choose to commit yourself to the relationship. You want to cancel your membership completely.

Fill in the contact form, tell us your username and email and then let us know that you want us to delete your account.

Your membership will be canceled

Why is “Re-activate My Profile” not clickable?
If you have an active membership, Re-activate My Profile will not be clickable. If you are starting a relationship an dunsure if it is going to succeed, you may choose to suspend your membership. When you choose “Suspend my membership” The text reading Re-activate My Profile” will become clickable. Click the text and reactivate your membership.

My Profile

This where you do the following:

  • Create your profile
  • Modify your profile
  • Upload and manage your photos
  • Upload and manage your video clips
  • Preview your profile
  • Suspend your profile
  • Reactivate a suspended profile
  • Cancel your membership

Enable or disable matchfinder service.

Matchfinder is a free e-mail notification system featuring profiles of people who have recently joined our network, and match the search criteria specified below.

You can change your selection criteria at any time. Note that all fields are optional.

Forget about this area. The site is designed as a commercial site but we chose to run it as a FREE Jewish dating site.

Use the control panel for your blog to do the following:

  • Control panel for your blog
  • Create new posts
  • Change your settings
  • Enable comments
  • Change blog title
  • Enable comments
  • Decide who can comment
  • Enable comment email notification
  • Show profile images in comments
  • Number of entries per page
  • Search your blog

Hot Lists
On this page you can see all of the members that have contacted you, viewed your profile, or added you to their favorites list. You can also view all of the members you have contacted, viewed, or added to your favorites list.

If you do not want other members to see that you have viewed them or added them to your favorites list you can adjust your privacy settings in the Privacy Settings section on your Members Menu.

Note that the number of members listed for each Hot List may not reflect the actual number of members visible to you. Some members may be pending approval, suspended their account, canceled their membership, or enabled privacy features.

Use the privacy page to set the following:

  • Hide me on the Who’s Online page
  • Hide me on the Featured Profiles list
  • Block all members from Instant Messaging me
  • Hide me on the Who’s Messaged Me Hot List
  • Hide me on the Who’s IM’d Me Hot List
  • Hide me on the Who’s Viewed Me Hot List
  • Hide me on the Who’s Sent A Kiss To Me Hot List
  • Hide me on the Who’s Favorite Listed Me Hot List
  • Receive e-mail from the administrator on my birthday
  • Receive SMS messages from the administrator

Account Info
The place to change your account information:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your login
  • New password
  • Confirm new password
  • Your name (First/Last)
  • Gender
  • Resident country
  • Looking for

Note: If you do not want to change your password, leave the ‘New password’ field blank.